Autumn at Sacred Waters…

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As the air grows cool and the smell of Autumn hints at colored leaves turning crisp, exhilarating the senses with the first scent of snow, Sacred Waters dives deep toward the dreaming of winter reflection.
Our new Autumn Class Schedule (watch for posting soon!) offers a multitude of opportunities to purify and ground through Meditative Practices, new Hot Yoga classes, Divine Sleep of Yoga Nirdra Workshops and more. We begin our new 200 Hour yoga Teacher Training session this September (9/20/14) through the Abhyasa Yoga Institute (RYS) with 6 amazing instructors on our staff.
This November we welcome a new member to our Wellness Team from Virginia; Kathy Twombly will be offering Acupuncture regularly at Sacred Waters. Click here for information! Our seasoned professionals provide a deeply well rounded circle of healing services, including Nutrition, EFT, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Acupuncture, Mental Health Counseling, Vocal Coaching, Yoga and Movement Therapy, Hypnosis, Chakra Readings and much more. Our Team works together to assist you in your greatest path to wellness. If you desire, request a yoga beach 300 x 150consultation to develop your best approach to healing by working within several modalities. We are here for you; we are all here for each other.

This Autumn, refocus, re-set your intention and ground in your own sense of structure and healing. Make a new routine and we will help you to stick with it. It’s why we do what we do.
In Love and on Purpose,

Testimonials from our yoga family…

“I have been on sabatical from Yoga for about 3 months due to a health issue. I have just returned to Yoga at Sacred Waters. I still have restrictions with my practice, but realized how much I’ve missed it and the space. .. Christina is wonderful as are all the instructors that I have had. It is comforting to know we have such a wonderful offering available to us in our community!”
“This is one of my favorite yoga studios, and the teachers are exceptional! I wish I lived closer. Thanks for a great practice!”

“Beautiful practice today taught by Gayle, a wonderful instructor and person! I would highly recommend her Yoga with Reiki class, she was knowledgable and encouraging. Thank you Gayle!”

“Lori is the best! I recommend her classes to everyone. She not only guides you through poses, she shares her joyous energy and entertaining stories.”

“The morning class I went to with Christina was the best yoga class I have ever taken. A beautiful place, a beautiful, exceptional teacher and an exceptional experience.”

“I found this to be thought provoking and cleansing for the mind, body, and soul. I think this should be an experience I continue. Namaste.”